What is THEIA360

Our state-of-the-art 360 virtual tour software platform creates a digital twin of your assets. With advanced features, you can easily create stunning virtual tours that offer a realistic, 360-degree view of your properties. Our platform is user-friendly, customisable, and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other systems.

Additionally, by leveraging THEIA360, you can save time and money by minimising physical site visits, while providing an immersive customer experience, allowing you clients to explore properties at their own convenience.

THEIA360 takes the win for “Best Use of Technology 2022”

Inside Housing
Best Use of Technology” Winner 2023

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How It Works

Step 1- Snap Snap

Take photos using a 360 Camera, THEIA360 will work with any 360 Panoramic image, this means that the cheapest of 360 Cameras will work and the specialist equipment is not required.

Step 2 – Create Scenes

Once you have your photos ready, you will need to upload the photos to the THEIA360 platform where you will be able to rename all your scenes and link them together.

As you may be taking photos in peoples homes, you have the ability to redact and blur within the scenes to remove any personal information or people.

P.S – Dont worry if you havent taken all of the scenes yet, you can always go back in and add more!

Step 3 – Tour Builder

The Tour builder easily will allow you to tag assets in a scene and bind them with your asset catalogue and therefore are able to show data on the asset from within the tour.

For example…. uploading or integrating your asset system with THEIA360 would allow you show information from your systems directly when clicking the asset within a tour. 

You are also able to add more detailed images and videos anywhere in the tour to be replayed or viewed.  

Step 4 – Thats it!

Thats it , the tour is built and available to be viewed from the platform or shared to a external website.  At any point you are able to go back into the tour and make changes. 

Well done, you deserve a break…


Easy to use Tour Builder

Easy to create, update and share 360 tours on one single platform.

Asset Integration Tagging

Integration into your asset management system by highlighting specific assets within the virtual landscape.

Repairs History Integration

Enhance tagged asset information via digital integration with your repairs management systems to get a full view of your asset’s repair details.

Interactive Floorplans

Upload floorplans to scenes and pin assets.

Embedded Images

Easily upload images for more detailed perspectives.

Embedded Videos

Easily upload videos directly into the scene or link to existing streaming sites.

Embedded Notes 

Easy attach notes throughout the scenes in the tour.

Privacy Tools

Easily remove any personal data from the tours with our safety tools

Enterprise Role Base Security

THEIA360’s hierarchy structure allows for enterprise level security across departments.

Smart Asset Detection

Using ML technology (Machine Learning), THEA360 is able to automatically detect assets within a scene.

Shared or Embed Tours

Easily share your tours outside of the platform, they can be embedded into websites or just sent in a email. You also have configuration to show or hide assets and any embedded material.

White Labelled Logins

THEIA360’s hierarchy structure allows for white labelled logins for your customers.

VR Headset Ready

Immerse yourself within a tour with a VR Headset as all tours are now VR Ready without any additional work required.

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